About Us.

Some kids are the type to sit still and read, some just run around like a headless chicken. Then some kids take things apart to see how that works. Those types of kids when coupled with a fascination with electricity are how you get the best electricians. Jon and Andy were definitely those kids and as they grew up and began to consider career prospects they both found themselves drawn to the trades. Working with your hands while also solving the complex problems that arise from electrical wiring , the allure was too great for minds like theirs.

In Jon’s case he started very early, beginning with a high-school co-op with a local electrician which turned into an apprenticeship right after school. Within five years Jon was licensed and a couple years after that at 25, became the youngest master electrician in Ontario’s history.  From there he began to build a reputation in Hamilton and Niagara as one of the most trusted electricians around doing countless rewires, basement conversions, commercial and industrial electrical upgrades and more.

Andy may best be described with always having his boots on(though sometimes those boots are skates). But it’s either work boots or hunting boots for the resident country boy. Andy much like Jon has been in this trade since high school. And the previously mentioned boots have been on the ground attending to the electrical needs of homes and businesses through the Golden Horseshoe for over 10 years now.

Now Jon and Andy have begun their new electrical endeavor T&L Wiring Pros. T&L wants to bring it’s extensive experience to work for you and your homes and businesses. We thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we are looking forward to getting to know you and taking care of your electrical needs.